Image of Maisa stargazing

Honoring Maisa's Legacy

Join us in raising awareness about the heightened risk of suicide for neurodivergent individuals, inspired by Maisa's love for space, dark skies and accepting differences.


Explore the key features of our platform that aim to raise awareness and support neurodivergent individuals in memory of Maisa.
Starry Connections Image

Starry Connections

Explore the beauty of constellations mirroring our mission to connect and uplift neurodivergent individuals.
Dark Skies Sanctuary Image

Dark Skies

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of dark skies, symbolizing the calm and safe space we are dedicated to fostering for neurodivergent individuals. Let the tranquil atmosphere inspire a sense of peace and belonging.
Math & Science Empowerment Image

Let's Make Constellations

Empower neurodivergent individuals to connect with each other and the world to connect back. We need to change ourselves, and our society, to make this a world that neurodivergent kids can thrive in.
Shining a light on neurodiversity